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mehsons international (メヘサンズインターナショナル)

メヘサンズインターナショナル株式会社,Mehsons International Co., Ltd.
is incorporated in year 2015 and is based in Japan.

MEHSONS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD, is a market-leading exporter of used Japanese cars &used construction machines like excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, Cranes, rollers, Breakers etc. from Japan to anywhere in the world. From small to large scale automobile dealers, we are trusted and recognized by countless customers across the globe. We provide the best quality vehicles at great prices and with exclusive benefits and value-additions.

We understand our customers’ dynamic preferences. We are known for not just bringing the best options from Japanese automobile/machinery auction houses but we strive to deliver the best services.

From the process of bidding and documentations to the moment vehicles/machines reach the destinations, we take complete ownership of everything and make sure to earn maximum customer satisfaction.

We stand highly distinguished when it comes to choosing the best Japanese automobile/machines exporter. We bring an exceptional car/machines trade experience to our customers.

Whether you purchase from our stock or through live auto/machines auctions, you will find the lowest prices and exclusive benefits like low shipping costs, marine insurance, and much more.

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company name

MEHSONS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD, メヘサンズインターナショナル株式会社


P.O.BOX : 248-0005 Kanagawa ken Kamakura-shi Yukinoshita 4-1-19 Chateau Yukinoshita 202 Japan


Licensed As 'Used Items Dealer' Under License No. 452640001887 By Kanagawa Prefecture Public Safety Commission ( 神奈川県公安委員会 古物商許可証 第452640001887号 )

Exporting Area

Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, Oceania, & CIS

Bank Name

MUFG Bank, Ltd.


Used Car Export & Machinery






We provide used cars & construction machines in excellent working condition and attractive prices. From selection to purchasing the final product, you can trust our sales professionals to lead you towards purchasing the most efficient and cost-effective equipment solutions for your needs. Our services also includes shipment costs from origin site.

Not only that you will get the best quality vehicles at the lowest prices but we also ensure to timely deliver each of the purchased vehicles to the destinations.

From all the efforts that our team of bidders invest to the exclusive stock that we own, we ensure that our customers can find the most affordable prices.

We stand highly distinguished when it comes to choosing the best Japanese automobile exporter. We bring an exceptional car trade experience to our customers.

Bank Detail

Bank Name MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Branch Name Kamakura Branch
Branch Code 255
Account No 0149356
Bank Address 248-0006 1-5-4 Komachi, Kamakura , Kanagawa , Japan